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Cute Cadaver Poetry
If you already know what's going on around here, or if you'd prefer to learn by doing, then feel free to have at it. The form for starting new projects is right below & the list of current projects is over on the right. Give it a whirl. Have fun. If you'd like a little more explanation, read on below...

Favorite: Note: If you're using a PDA and seeing this form, ignore it. It's a meager attempt to fake out automated SPAM.


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This is me. If you really wanted, you could learn more here. And no, nothing's wrong with my head.

If you're down here and still reading, then Hello. My name is Ben Ellingson. I like language experiments, I like web programming & this website is my hobby, I guess. I like working on poetry with other people & now that the internet provides us with the means to instantaneously collaborate on poems with anyone, anywhere, anytime, I've made this attempt to take some of that potential & make it reality.

Cute Cadaver Poetry gives you the ability to start a poem project with anywhere from 3 to 20 lines with a variety of line lengths & then allows you the option to add a picture along with the choice to make your project public (so anyone can participate) or private.

A private project could be one you just work on yourself. I do that sometimes. Here's an example. I find it's a fun way to trick myself into not being hung up on a certain train of thought or the need to make perfect sense. You can even enter your email address so you'll get emailed a link to your in-progress project after each line. Then you always know where to find it.

Of course, you can invite others as well. My wife & son & I have enjoyed doing private projects together. Here's an example of that. The shared experience has been a great way for our 7-year-old to have a ton of fun learning to write. He's also had a blast doing some projects with his Grandparents. We have things set up so you can add up to three email addresses besides your own, or buttons for easy sharing on the social media sites if you want to do it that way.

The early going has shown that the most confusing part of this whole site is what I call the "Reveal". In large part, this site was inspired by the Surrealists' Exquisite Corpse poetry game where each person folds the paper over after they write their line so the next person can't see what was written. When I played this with friends in college back around 1990, we found that it seemed most fun, and led to the most interesting results, when the next person got to see just a little bit of what the previous person had written.

This caused us to invent sophisticated ways of folding and/or tearing the paper as we went so that we could keep most words hidden while revealing just the right parts. I recently realized that this process could be done using a computer now and you wouldn't have to do all that folding & tearing. And, unlike back in my college days, the "paper" could easily be passed around the whole world & not just to the people in the house.

I have notes with plenty more ideas for developing this site, but I think I'll just see how it goes for a bit. This seems like a good place to get started. If you have any requests or suggestions, by all means let me know. You can go through the Cute Cadaver Poetry pages over on Facebook or Tumblr or send a message via Twitter or email me at bodies@acutecadaver.com - whichever's most convenient.

Now, like I said back up at the top, give it a whirl. Have fun.

   -Ben Ellingson
    April 13, 2012

How this works – "Official" version:
  • First, give your project a name and choose the number of lines.
  • Then, choose by number of characters the length you will allow for each line. The "Reveal" indicates how many characters are available to show the next participant, though even with a Reveal you are never obligated to have anything show.
  • Next, choose Public if you want your project to show up on the Home Page list for anyone to contribute to, or Private if you want to keep it hidden. If you choose Private, you will be taken to a page describing your "sharing" options after you click Begin.
  • Finally, be sure to click the checkbox if you'd like to upload an image to accompany your project. Images are limited to jpg's, png's or gif's of no more than 1 megabyte & will be displayed at 300px in height. We provide NO on-site image editing tools.
  • After following these steps, both Public and Private projects will come to a page where you can enter your first line. And then you're on your way with a new Cute Cadaver Project!

Confused? Well, feel free to just give it a try. This was inspired by Surrealism after all! But you're certainly welcome to email any questions or comments to bodies@acutecadaver.com as well. Have fun.

Note about Private Projects:
  • Links to Private Projects will not be displayed anywhere on the website while they are in progress. We provide the option to sign up for emails notifying you when new contributions are made, but beyond that it's up to you to keep track.
  • Upon writing the final line of a Private Project, the option will be presented to title it and make it Public. If you do not give it a Final Title, links to the work will not be Publicly displayed.
  • While we reserve the right to publish, at our discretion, any content entered here that has been made Public, we will respect the rights of those who complete Private Projects and opt not to list them Publicly. We will consider those Projects as being the property of the creators only.

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