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3.07 Module 3 Project (Titled: A Tension Span) (finished)

3.07 Module 3 Project (finished)

4hi (finished)

& that's it... (finished)

-(100WE,-) (!)Get Out:-))- (Titled: 21st Century Industrial Haiku) (finished)

:( (finished)

1 (finished)

10+21 equals ? (Titled: What Is The Passing Time) (finished)

1chliop (Titled: The week) (finished)

21st Century Poetry (Titled: Smothly from the Cocoon) (finished)

2spoopy (finished)

67 Kilometers of Snake (Titled: Cooked Squid) (finished)

A 59-78 (Titled: Smoked Gut Hash) (finished)

a lipstick and a pack of cigarettes (finished)

A Pollock Is A Fish, Dummy (Titled: Consummation) (finished)

a short one (finished)

A thing within a thing. (finished)

aa (finished)

ablagastoffalomagnanimonetarileader (finished)

Abyss (Titled: Abyssmial) (finished)

Afro Dite (Titled: The Underworld) (finished)

Ah crap, not this again... (finished)

Ajax Hot Scrub (Titled: Improper  Haiku) (finished)

alelles dfghj (finished)

alien replacements (Titled: Advanced Civilization) (finished)

Alien Vikings (finished)

All that I love (finished)

All this twisting & groaning... (finished)

alright, time to get back to this! (Titled: Our Twirling) (finished)

An Attempt (Titled: Melikey) (finished)

An Odd Number of Shoes (finished)

Anders Behring Breivik's senseless sense of snow (Titled: Anders Behring Breivik's Senseless Sense of Snow) (finished)

Anders Behring Breivik's Song and Dance Redux (Titled: The Story Behind The Story) (finished)

annihilation (Titled: Toxicity) (finished)

Another Random Poem (Titled: Mistaken Identity) (finished)

Another tribute to Billy Collins... (Titled: It does not say the one word) (finished)

arco (finished)

ART (Titled: Rash Reality) (finished)

asSphinxiated (finished)

Ate Random Legs (finished)

Attempt At Gettin' You Off FB (Titled: dance life) (finished)

Auds and Becca #2 (Titled: Typical Cooking Show) (finished)

AVerse (Titled: Song of the World  glued on tattered wall ) (finished)

Awesome Cute Cadaver photo! (Titled: Plastic Physical Infinity) (finished)

Awsome poem that has yet to be named (finished)

Awsome poem that has yet to be named (finished)

Awww, Let the bureaucrats quibble over the past. (finished)

Back In The Day (finished)

bacon (Titled: Sunday Noon) (finished)

Badger (finished)

Balance (finished)

Baseless Gloam (finished)

beached humpback (Titled: Pondering John Ashbery) (finished)

Because I Can (finished)

Been a long time a-coming (finished)

beginnings (Titled: Figure Eight) (finished)

Best Movie of All-Time (finished)

Big Stone Book (Titled: Monolith) (finished)

Bike Made Of Mud (finished)

bill the bill (finished)

Bird of Paradise (Titled: ) (finished)

Black and white rainbows (finished)

Blue Lights (Titled: Elegant Fa├žade) (finished)

Blue like an orange. (Titled: slopes of rivers) (finished)

boogity boogity bear (finished)

born all over again (finished)

Bottle (Titled: 1111) (finished)

Bruises (finished)

Cadaver (finished)

Cale's Flash-Split Sky (Titled: Reconsidering The Parallel) (finished)

Calm Field of Flowers (Titled: ) (finished)

Can (finished)

Can't Beat It (Titled: A thing of Beauty) (finished)

Can't Help It (Titled: ) (finished)

Carbon Fiber Tulip Grains (Titled: Shaking  In  My  Sleeves) (finished)

Careen (finished)

CasperCollege (Titled: ) (finished)

Castles Made of Sand (finished)

Casualities (Titled: The Blues) (finished)

Category Concentration (Titled: Haven't  Even  Read  It) (finished)

Cats Rule the World (Titled: Get a new poem nerd) (finished)

Cats Rule the World (finished)

Certain Things Expire (finished)

Chuck was Here (finished)

Cinco de Plywood (in a hot tub on a birthday) (finished)

Circular Saw through Bone & Muscle (Titled: How To Make Hairspray) (finished)

Colonnade (finished)

Colourless Liquid (Titled: Cataclysm) (finished)

Conceptualization (finished)

Constellations (finished)

Cow as Loaf Of Bread (Titled: Bread Cow:The Awakening ) (finished)

cracks in cowry shells (Titled: Eggshells in Jell-O) (finished)

Crazy Monkey Fights (Titled: It won't change until you do it different) (finished)

Creative Therapy (finished)

Creative Writing (finished)

Custard (finished)

CW, CT, CD (Titled: whats on the other side of the bed) (finished)

dad (finished)

dad (finished)

dad (Titled: ducks) (finished)

Darkest Day (finished)

Dead Poem (finished)

Dealing With Muther (Titled: Dr. Nietzsche, MD) (finished)

Death (Titled: Expiration) (finished)

Death By Social Media (Titled: Face And Body) (finished)

Deathly Afraid (finished)

deletus (finished)

der komissar (finished)

Diane (finished)

Digital Twenty (finished)

Dividing By Zero (finished)

Do You Do The Do? (finished)

Do you know there are wrinkled bounties? (finished)

Docket (Titled: Pulling The Rope) (finished)

doing it for you (Titled: On a Leash) (finished)

Dolls from the Dime Store (Titled: Rumpled Troubadour) (finished)

Don't Repeat It (finished)

Don't repeat yourself in the Reveal, please #1 (finished)

Don't repeat yourself in the Reveal, please #2 (finished)

Don't repeat yourself in the Reveal, please #3 (Titled: Meeting In A Closet) (finished)


Done to be Undone (Titled: Done to be Undone ) (finished)

Dragon Attack (Titled: FOX POET) (finished)

Drain Blends (Titled: Grain Trends) (finished)

dramatic social commentary (finished)

Drawn Curtains at Dusk (Titled: Periodic Table) (finished)

e e & yet.... (Titled: e e & yet) (finished)

Early Morning Drive (finished)

Echo (finished)

Eek! (Titled: Hidden Germs) (finished)

Egg (finished)

Enamored (finished)

Everest? (Titled: Corporate Ladder) (finished)

evolution of an atheist (finished)

ExacerBait (Titled: What Could This Become?) (finished)

Experiment (finished)

experimento (Titled: experimento) (finished)

exquisit (Titled: ) (finished)

Eye Hair (Titled: Cot Bare) (finished)

Eyeballs (Titled: Scattered Hats) (finished)

Face (finished)

Fall in Time (finished)

Fall is the Time in 4-301 (Titled: the boys of summer compete for the crown) (finished)

Falling Sleep (finished)

Fanziel (finished)

fdf (Titled: The Day Before Tomorrow) (finished)

First Things First (finished)

Flamboyant (Titled: Animal Batik) (finished)

flipping over pancakes (finished)

flower bones (finished)

Flowery, yet cadavery (Titled: Fresh Start) (finished)

Following Up On the Limes (Titled: Odometer Reading) (finished)

foo (finished)

for good measure (finished)

For if than then.... (finished)

For life, (finished)

For the Umpteenth Time (finished)

Forest fire (Titled: ) (finished)

Fox (finished)

foxy (Titled: Foxy's Adventures) (finished)

foxy again (Titled: Foxy adventure BOOK 2) (finished)

foxy got a penguin (Titled: Foxy's Adventures BOOK 3) (finished)

Free the slaves! (finished)

Fuck Society (Titled: *Fuck Poems) (finished)

Fuck Society (finished)

Fun Times, Fun Times (finished)

Gangsta Sexy (finished)

Go All The Way... (finished)

GOD he goes so slow! (finished)

Good question (Titled: Inspect for Potential) (finished)

Goodbye God (Titled: Good On That) (finished)

grace (finished)

Gross & Nasty (finished)

Gulb. (Titled: Shake It) (finished)

Hanging Wooden Scissors (finished)

happy fucking dog (Titled: Dog Boat Ride Walk) (finished)

Harriet Buh-terfield (Titled: Get a new poem nerd) (finished)

Hash Tags, Ampersands, and Boolean Logic- Oh My! (Titled: LMAO) (finished)

Haunted Echoes (Titled: Missing Ring) (finished)

Haven't done this in so long... (Titled: Ship It Back) (finished)

Heart chakra to Root...Checkmate in 2 moves (Titled: The spiritual game flumoxed by life) (finished)

Heartless (finished)

Hello (Titled: ) (finished)

Help! Can't keep track of everything... (Titled: Preserved meat) (finished)

Here we go again... (finished)

Hex (finished)

Hey I wanted some FIGS! (Titled: Dirty Truth) (finished)

Hi dad (finished)

hi its b (Titled: lava lamp ) (finished)

His Cucumber Suprise (Titled: Boy Meets Girl) (finished)

Hollow Me (finished)

Holy Ginger? (finished)

Holy Golden Temple! (Titled: Strange Turn) (finished)

Hone? (Titled: Eat You Magnificently) (finished)

hope is lost (finished)

Hormonal Pizza Cage (finished)

Hot & Sexy (Titled: video) (finished)

How it move (Titled: Fox bath day) (finished)

How much is enough? (Titled: Skinning The Cat) (finished)

How'd it happen? (Titled: Delirium  Tickles) (finished)

Human being...that is a complete sentence (finished)

i am here (Titled: Slight Chill at Dawn) (finished)

i can't remember my words (finished)

I don't know (Titled: What she knows) (finished)

I Don't Know (finished)

I fell asleep at 8 and woke up at 6 (finished)

I kinda like this girl (Titled: Mount Meeker) (finished)

I love you (finished)

I See The Way Kallie looks at You Tanner (finished)

I Told You So (finished)

I went looking for Hot Pears... (finished)

I've been gone to long (Titled: At Least It's Not It's Not) (finished)

Ice and Snow (finished)

Idk (finished)

Ikoris (finished)

Image borrowed from themathkid on Tumblr (Titled: Step By Step) (finished)

Imagination (Titled: Half the Distance) (finished)

important mission (finished)

In the Miro-r of Night (Titled: Mysterious Gift) (finished)

In the Sea (Titled: Period.) (finished)

infatuation (finished)

Infinite Wisdom (finished)

Injection Test 1 (Titled: To Sea From Beneath) (finished)

Inky (finished)

Inspiration (Titled: The Universe is Not Here Now) (finished)

IRS Progress: Step One (Titled: The Matrices: Unloaded like a double barrell!) (finished)

Is "Perfect" a flawed idea? (finished)

Is Butter soft or cute? (finished)

It is and was (Titled: Orange Cornered) (finished)

It's Time (finished)

Its no Biggie (finished)

Jake Paul's Dadogrophy (finished)

Jesus (Titled: The Gnossene Creed) (finished)

Joshie Doshie :) (Titled: Joshie Poo) (finished)

Joshy Washy (finished)

just for fun (Titled: Handsome Crawl) (finished)

Just Keep Going! (finished)

Just the words, ma'am (Titled: Absent-Minded Cooking) (finished)

Keeping it short... (Titled: Fading Dream) (finished)

Kielbasa, Kalabasa, Kapalabhati Said 7 times real (Titled: Eat me) (finished)

Knees (Titled: Kneeling) (finished)

Know this guy? (Titled: static electricity) (finished)

koshari kokopelli (finished)

Kyll (finished)

Lately I've Been Distracted (finished)

lemons for nipples (Titled: Cheeosis) (finished)

Let Me Go (Titled: Let Me Go) (finished)

Let this go (finished)

let's eat owl eyes (finished)

Let's make blank lines with 7 & 14 to go. (Titled: Rancid Cuticles) (finished)

Let's Pollock (finished)

life as we know it (finished)

Lightning on the Saguaro (finished)

Lila Green (finished)

Limeoil (Titled: Eschewed Acidity) (finished)

limrix poem (finished)

Linked Beacons (Titled: But It Was) (finished)

Little by Little (finished)

Little by Little (Titled: hello ,(dont) hush kitty ) (finished)

Little by Little (finished)

Long Shot (Titled: ) (finished)

Losing It (finished)

love (Titled: love is like) (finished)

love (Titled: Pay Attention!) (finished)

Lover (finished)

LOW (finished)

Maandagochtend (Titled: Maandagochtend lingua franca) (finished)

Magic Johnson (Titled: Bleached Stairs) (finished)

Man Digging In A Hole (Titled: ) (finished)

Manhattan (Titled: Hands On Head, Eyes Askew) (finished)

Marching into Obscurity (finished)

Marching on Walled Streets in America (Titled: Where Credit is Due) (finished)

Mark Markers (Titled: Fox's Kickball Tournament) (finished)

Marmot in France (Titled: Put All the Comics Away) (finished)

Message (Titled: Ode To Three) (finished)

messes (finished)

Method (Titled: Poet School) (finished)

Mid-word carryover method (Titled: Working On It) (finished)

Milk (Titled: A New Day) (finished)

Mind flip (finished)

Mmmmmilck (Titled: The Silent Past) (finished)

moonlight (finished)

Moose (Titled: No Thing) (finished)

More Blind Fun (Titled: Respite) (finished)

More Drain Blends (finished)

More What-the-Hell (Titled: Dishes Washed) (finished)

Moving (Titled: The Afterlife) (finished)

Music Box (Titled: Line Drawn Skull) (finished)

my heartbreak (finished)

my name is (finished)

My New Watch (finished)

Neighbor Invite (finished)

Neon Rash (finished)

Never Can Tell (finished)

Never Can Tell... (finished)

New Project (finished)

New Year's Day (finished)

Nice Mail Box (Titled: Afterparty) (finished)

Nice Place to Sit (finished)

Nice Wood (finished)

nnvvgg,ki nnhh nnh mmkki nnhbbvvf lo (Titled: The zoo fun) (finished)

no (finished)

No hiccups! (Titled: The Case Against Eternity) (finished)

Nonstop (finished)

Nostradamus' Nutmeg (Titled: ) (finished)

NOT a Can Opener (Titled: The Illusion of Depth) (finished)

Not Now (Titled: The Score) (finished)

Not sure (Titled: I Want) (finished)

Not Sure (finished)

Nothing Inspiring (finished)

Nothingness (Titled: Bleak Distance) (finished)

Ocean Waves (Titled: Foxy Got A Fish) (finished)

Ode to Hobacakes (Titled: Whipped Cream and Lettuce) (finished)

Of Hypocrites and Platypus Eggs (finished)

Old Shoes (finished)

On meeting Quentin Crisp (Titled: A chemical romance with the dark lover-Other) (finished)

On Seeing Willie Nelson Provide a Blood Sample (Titled: Seminar) (finished)

On the death, too early, of a beloved friend (finished)

on the road 1 (Titled: Miss Texas) (finished)

On The Shore (Titled: What The Air Knows) (finished)

On Top of Us (Titled: Ducks die as predicted) (finished)

On Two Mittens Trail (Titled: On Two Mittens Trail) (finished)

on't stop for anything & I mean i (finished)

One (Titled: Charred Grounds) (finished)

One Day I'll Show Them (finished)

Onomatopoeia (Titled: He Came to Pass) (finished)

Op (Titled: Op days) (finished)

Opening a Door (Titled: Spring) (finished)

Or What? (Titled: Almost Found) (finished)

Overtly Vacant (finished)

part of me (Titled: Held in the Poem) (finished)

pasta w/ sauce (Titled: The Missing Tents) (finished)

Pearls set in wax (Titled: ) (finished)

Penis (finished)

Perpetual Motion Machine (finished)

Perro (Titled: A Spanish Word) (finished)

Persephone's Peaches (Titled: guillotine) (finished)

PERSIMMONS (Titled: more) (finished)

Phantom Friend (finished)

Pheminon (Titled: They Did Their Stirring Slowly) (finished)

phil (finished)

Photograph (finished)

Pipe Cleaner (Titled: ) (finished)

plaid shammyshirts (finished)

plop (finished)

Poem (finished)

Poetry Prompts Tumblr peeps (Titled: Incadescent) (finished)

Poetry Prompts Tumblr Poem (Titled: .) (finished)

Potery (finished)

Practice Makes For Being More Practiced (Titled: The weird friendship) (finished)

Praying on the Pew (finished)

Primordial Morning Stew (finished)

Procrastinator's Delight (finished)

Project Flabbergast (Titled: Fallen Fruit Springs) (finished)

Pulling The Leg (Titled: A Winter Poem In Summer) (finished)

Put Poem Here: (finished)

Questionable Orientation (finished)

Quickie (Titled: Between Red & Purple) (finished)

Race Day Morning (finished)

rafli (finished)

Rage (Titled: Homicide) (finished)

rainy evening (Titled: Shine, to decay) (finished)

Random Guy (Titled: Hovno) (finished)

Random Poem (Titled: Why He Came) (finished)

Random tandem? (finished)

randomness (finished)

Regarding the Ressurect (Titled: ) (finished)

Remember this, Andre? (Titled: Certainty) (finished)

Remember Yesterday? (finished)

Remembered forgot (Titled: Paris, Tennis) (finished)

Rhubarb (finished)

Ride Me (finished)

Right Left Gypsy Song (finished)

Risen Indeed. (Titled: The Feminine Emerges) (finished)

Robbing Trains (Titled: Huevos Rancheros) (finished)

Rocky Mtn Hi (Titled: Shudder Speed) (finished)

rrrrrramaaaaaaaaa (finished)

Run (finished)

Run (Titled: Survival Techniques) (finished)

Run2 (finished)

Run3 (finished)

running with lawnmowers (finished)

Sahasrara Chakra- head over hills in love (finished)

Saturday Morning (finished)

Saturday Night Cosmos (finished)

Scissors (finished)

self-mutilated body parts (Titled: Fruit Humid & Royalty) (finished)

Self-Portrait in one of Van Gogh's & with Others. (Titled: Where Smoke Rises) (finished)

Ser todo siento nada (finished)

Seventy-Four Mute Ultramontanes (Titled: Symbol of the Unknown) (finished)

She (Titled: barefoot) (finished)

She (Titled: Peaking Through) (finished)

She called it Ouroboros (Titled: Swagger) (finished)

Sheila (finished)

Short But Long (Titled: Deepened Archery) (finished)

short lines (Titled: somnus.) (finished)

short poems (Titled: Haiku) (finished)

significant blank (Titled: our guide) (finished)

Silence (finished)

Simple (finished)

Singing During the Proof of Induction (Titled: Straight into the Curve) (finished)

Six (finished)

SKIP TO (Titled: Utopian Oblivion?) (finished)

slurp spaghetti sighing, simmer, saucey spaghetti! (finished)

Small Pills (finished)

Snake kisses (finished)

sniff. (finished)

Social Distancing (Titled: Social Distancing) (finished)

Somebody Else's Picture (Titled: Desert Dream Made Up) (finished)

Sometimes Sideways (finished)

Sometimes, When I Feel Faint, (Titled: ) (finished)

Song for the end of the world (finished)

Sophisticated Fellow (finished)

Spare Rims & Tires (finished)

Spookily Eerie (Titled: Milarepa's Lament) (finished)

Stagnancy (finished)

Starry Night (finished)

stars (finished)

Start Again (finished)

Starting a new project (Titled: EvenLSD won't make this better) (finished)

Stash (finished)

Stepped (finished)

Still Dunno (Titled: Lemurian Love Song) (finished)

Stimulessness (Titled: Primary Examples) (finished)

Stop at $10 (Titled: I don't know) (finished)

Storefront (Titled: Henry's Lair) (finished)

Stupid Head Poem (finished)

Suddenly (finished)

Sugar Cookie No More (finished)

Sun God Guy (tile from eBay) (finished)

Sup (finished)

SUPER FUN TIME (finished)

Sweet Ships On Water (Titled: 1' ORDER BY 1— Yjdh) (finished)

Sweet Tweezers! (finished)

Sweet, Soft & Cuddly (Titled: what came first the chicken or the egg?) (finished)

Take Your Kid to Work (finished)

Tanner likes Aspen (Titled: flowers in summer) (finished)

Tea Pot? (Titled: Labor Intensive) (finished)

Teeming (finished)

Temptation (finished)

The Beginning of the World (finished)

The bleak mid-winter (finished)

The Captain Has Come Ashore (Titled: A Sailor Swears Off The Horn) (finished)

The Chill Mary (Titled: Mary poo) (finished)

the dragon that never stops (Titled: Foxy's Friend) (finished)

The English Teacher (finished)

The first time (Titled: Dreaming A Way Out Of The Woods) (finished)

The Gas Man (finished)

The girl I love (finished)

The Golden Row (finished)

the gospel according to zeke (finished)

the Inky Sea (Titled: Compound Interest) (finished)

The Life and times of Romney Mitty... (finished)

The Life Buh (Titled: Get a new poem nerd) (finished)

the magic spell (finished)

The Morning After (Titled: Writhe End Crave) (finished)

the murder of pinocchio (finished)

The New Normal (finished)

The Occult (Titled: Clothes of Flour) (finished)

The Operation on Mars (finished)

The place with the thing (Titled: Your Head, Which Changes) (finished)

The Plague (Titled: Election Day) (finished)

The Psychotic Hillbilly (Titled: ) (finished)

the sadness is soon (Titled: Road Trip) (finished)

the sadness is soon (Titled: Sweaty Clubbing) (finished)

The Saga of Ant and Seb (Titled: The Saga of Ant and Seb) (finished)

the sky is grey (finished)

the taste of paint (finished)

the three little pigs (finished)

The trees will hold you (Titled: lazyness) (finished)

the violin came alive in my hands (finished)

The Way I Feel (Titled: Memorandom) (finished)

These Are Your Words (Titled: Here We Go Again) (finished)

They sell Basil in Boulder (finished)

Things overheard on Cell Phones (Titled: Four-Inch Shank) (finished)

Things Overheard on the Phone (Titled: Things Overheard on the Phone) (finished)

Things That Make You Melancholy (Titled: Falling into stupor) (finished)

This one has a really nice picture! (Titled: Paint Bath) (finished)

this pie has gone bad (Titled: In The Mouth:) (finished)

This Time of Year (finished)

This Time of Year (finished)

This Time of Year (Titled: Holloween) (finished)

Thomas R. Peters, Jr. (Titled: The Black Sheep of the Monastery) (finished)

Three (Titled: Incensed) (finished)

Throat to Pelvic Chakra- details at 11. (Titled: Eating Crow...and other delicious idea!) (finished)

Timeline Landscape (Titled: The Wait of Desire) (finished)

to the person i'll never meet (finished)

Toledo Doodle Doo (finished)

Top Secret (Titled: HYDRA'S  mooom) (finished)

Trees (Titled: Sleep Ritual) (finished)

Tropical Bliss (finished)

Tumblr Poem (Titled: ) (finished)

Twenty Reasons Why We Should Love the World (finished)

Twisted Finish, mostly lime (Titled: Spurt This) (finished)

Two (Titled: Supermarket Cool) (finished)

Typical Stonehenge Cadaver (Titled: A Great Sporting Contest) (finished)

Umpteenth (finished)

Up Against It (finished)

Vintage New/Old (finished)

vsfv (Titled: Yrcc va fog gavgsb) (finished)

wacky doodle (finished)

Warp (finished)

We can all see (Titled: Fall In) (finished)

We can always try again (Titled: Move ya body. ) (finished)

Well, Mother... (Titled: Conspiracy Bleary) (finished)

Wendigo (finished)

What Becomes of Us All (Titled: Wet Teddy Painted Red) (finished)

What came first? The Chicken or the Egg? (Titled: VRRRRRROOOOOOMMMMMMM) (finished)

What Can't Be Done (Titled: ) (finished)

What Coach Jackson Says (finished)

What hath been wrought? (finished)

What I know nothing about: (Titled: ) (finished)

What in God's name. (Titled: All Most) (finished)

What It Takes To Get It Done (finished)

What'll Happen? (finished)

When The Bridge Falls (finished)

When You're Absolute Beginners (Titled: House of Cards) (finished)

where random takes you (finished)

White Box (Titled: It was to be expected) (finished)

Who is this kid? (finished)

Who Knows? (finished)

Why French Fries (Titled: What Got Banged?) (finished)

Why my puppy loves me. (Titled: Jumbled up Poem.) (finished)

Windchime Whisperings (Titled: Running It Through) (finished)

Windows (finished)

Windows (finished)

WITW? (finished)

Woman Digging A Hole (finished)

Word Substitution (Titled: A Thought For After Later) (finished)

X,Y and Z (finished)

YO 2.0 (Titled: Whatever It Takes) (finished)

YO 2.1 (Titled: Poon ass wolves) (finished)

YO 2.2 (Titled: The Real Inkblot) (finished)

YO 2.3 (Titled: Causmology) (finished)

YO 2.4 (finished)

YO 2.5 (Titled: Inadvertent Glass) (finished)

You are me (Titled: Down today) (finished)

You don't complete me (Titled: Knitting Needled) (finished)

You have a hairball blocking your third Chakra (Titled: Maelstrom At The Hairball) (finished)

you know your a cat person when... (finished)

You Lose Yourself You Reappear (Titled: The West....When?) (finished)

You walk and walk (Titled: Likely Story) (finished)

Your Bubblegum Gun and Crystal Shadow (finished)

Zoo zoooooo zzzzzzzzo (finished)

Zzzz i cale (Titled: Rhyme op) (finished)